Results Oriented Strategies

Your students (girls) will learn very practical techniques that they can apply immediately to their lives. These strategies will help young girls boost their self-esteem and improve their love of self. The benefits show that girls perform better in school, in activities and have a better all around attitude when they feel better about themselves.

Terri is a facilitator not a lecturer. Girls will be fully engaged in one on one interaction, problem solving scenarios and self-examination techniques, for example writing through releasing, A Poetry Workshop.

Terri signature is practical application. She will guide the young girls to taking the concepts and methods they have learned and apply them directly to their own lives. The students will be able to take with them, their self-examination exercises to reflect back on in order to remain focus and stay on track.

Outside the Box Learning
Terri will take students outside the box of traditional thinking to experience “aha” moments grounded in research and tested in her daily life. Students (girls)will be ready to change their lives for the better. As a published author and poet, Terri will use her expertise as a writer and infuse writing as a technique to instill self-worth and love into every girl.

When Terri speaks educators listen. That’s because Terri has over 10 years of experience working with juveniles, young teens and adults. Her primary experience has been at the middle, high school and college level. Her success stories of the young women who lives she has touched brings inspiration and hope to the current generation of young women and those to come.


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