Our Vision


  • To raise young girls self-esteem through creative expression and methods that effectively build self-esteem.

  • To give girls the positive tools to maintain a healthy self-esteem.

  • To touch the lives of millions of girls and young adult women who can learn, teach and exercise Soyini Circles self-esteem building techniques.

  • To have a Soyini Circles Self-Esteem School that specifically caters to the positive health and well-being of girls and women.


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Membership Includes: (8) Eight Sessions


Personality- “I believe in myself” ( This target area focuses on boosting the girls belief in herself; We discuss accomplishments, speak affirmations, write in our journals about goals, complete a vision board or vision journal and engage one another in the Sacred Circle. Journals, Worksheets and hands on exercise included


Performance- “I am the best ME” (This target area highlights what a girl is confident in; We discuss what makes you confident, why on other areas you may not be confident, how you can become the best you in all areas by staying true to yourself.  Write in journals things you can do to be the best you, affirmations and visualizations. Journals, Worksheets and hands on exercise included)


Presentation “I got my Swag on” (This target area focuses on taking caring of yourself; How does your outer appearance reflect who you are, are you presenting the correct image you want to share with the world, ways to enhance your look, discerning the professional, party and pleasure look, visualizations. Worksheets and hands on exercise included)


Health Education- “I shine from the inside out” (This target areas focuses on eating healthy; what and how to prepare your food, exercising, caring for yourself during your cycle, journaling about goals, affirmations and visualizations. Worksheets and journals included)


Mannerism- “Girl Power” (This target area focuses on posture and manners; sitting correctly, standing correctly, speaking with confidence, handling rude encounters, using yes ma’am, no sir, thank you and your welcome, proper dinner etiquette. Hands on exercises included)


Social Media Etiquette“I’m Tech Savvy” (This target area focuses on the do’s and don’ts in the Social Media World; We discuss emails, Facebook, Instagram, blogging, twitter, photos, text message and relationships in the virtual world. (Worksheets and hands on exercises included) 

At the completion of a target area we have an award ceremony where the girls share what they have learned and they each get a gift bag and certificate of completion. The girls that have shown the most growth during the sessions will receive the Soyini Circles Self-Esteem award- in remembrance of my dear friend Larrocha Wilcox who passed in 2005 due to breast-cancer.

Soyini Circles is looking to connect with other girl organizations or agency, schools, afterschool programs, educational institutions and churches.  We cater to your schedule as far as days and times. We go into the school, institution or agency to conduct our sessions.

Terri Staten- Founder/ Executive Director


Contact us at 567-694-6422


NEWSFLASH– STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Summer Camp Coming Soon – ask how to sign your child up early!

Soyini Circles will hold its its 2016-2017 registration starting in May 2017. Please check back for specific date, time and location.


New Topics of Interest  for the Sessions will cover:

Making the right Choices

Do I know who I am?

Learning to love me

Healthy Living

Please leave a comment if you’re interested. We would love to work with your girls.

Soyini Circles Girls INC. has partnered with Bethune Cook-man University for all 6 modules. We are so pleased to be apart of the WILDCAT family! We will be working with the young ladies at Campbell Middle School in Daytona Beach, FL.  Follow us on Face book at Soyini Circles and Instagram at Soyini_Circles1.

Terri Staten -CEO/Founder Soyini Circles Girls INC.