Dedicated to my Soyini Circles 4th grade girls at North Shore Elementary and my Daughter A’yize Soyini


I stay hungry, I stay hungry for young girls, women and our modern day Nubian Queens to take hale of their thrones, their thrones that lye deep within ourselves

I stay hungry for us all to realize the power we possess in our dreams as little African American girls, young women, ladies, Black, Spanish, colored, Indian, Native American, Hindu, Creole and Caucasian

Walking as we walk, talking as we talk, just doing like only we can do

Feeding the hungry on so many levels not just stomach filling food, but

Leaving minds full will all the teaching that we do

While leaving ourselves destitute

I stay hungry hoping that perhaps my SC girls will look back, reach back on their journey to womanhood and remember a nugget from one of our many SC discussions and say “I’m honoring me, by doing the right thing, I’m a leader not a follower, I’m listening not talking, I’m obeying not disrupting, I’m a jewel with powers and special tools because Ms. Staten said I was, my moma said I was, my daddy said I was, my grandpa, grandma and teacher said I was born rightly divine

I stay hungry for us all to feed each other all good things like, collard greens of encouragement, peas of positivity , fish of financial wealth, money making macaroni, wise pieces of watermelon, prosperous handmade pizza, creative dishes of chicken, strong string beans and loving long grain rice

I stand here in my hunger to accomplish my dream of making sure you know how special you are to me that I have planted seeds of self-love for you to eat,

I call it my Soyini Circles Self-Esteem cuisine

I stay hungry to feed, I’m on a mission to wipe out starvation in the form of self-hatred, mean girl drama, grown women cat fights with dishes that offer sisterhood, sister love and a special desert called if I make you, you make it filled with celebration and love.